Happy Father's Day
Sunday, June 19, 2011, 0 speaks

happy teacher's day suda, happy mother's da pun suda, happy bezday plak da lame suda.. kini giliran happy father's day plak muncul... korang sume da wish belum kat papa, daddy, abah, baba, ayah, walid, abi o watever la yang bergelar suami + bapa pade anak2... belum??? terlupa??? mehhh sini cheera engatkan.. hati ni hari bapa la woiiiii..... pekak x telinga??? maaf2... 
cheera ade something nak bagi baba cheera.. cheera juz bagi letter jekk.. nak tahu isi die ape?? 

baba, for all those times i left it unsaid..
thanks for being there for me
for showing me the way
for being patient with your princess 
even when i made it diffcult for you
for believing in me & encouraging me to dream
and being such an inspiring presence in my life 
                                     ~ur princess~

chumel + terharu x letter yang cheera bagi tu... of course la kn.. tengok la princess sape?? panggilan princess ni bkan tbe2 jekk muncul tapi nak dijadikan cerite.. mse cheera kecik2 dulu, baba suke pnggil cheera princess.. then mse besa2 ni + da bleh kawin da ni xde la lagi panggilan princess tu.. banyak cangat salah cheera kat baba,ape bleh buat ite manusia xlepas dari melakukan keslahan.. btul x?? so for sape2 yang brgelar papa, baba, ayah, daddy, abah, walid, abi & sebagainyerr.. cheera ade poem untuk kalian semue... dan sape2 yang xtahu ape yang nak bagi tok ayah korang.. pun bleh bg poem ni.. xde hal punyerr... hayatilahhh... bubye...

A dad is a person who is loving and kind  
and often he knows what you have on your mind
he's someone who listens, suggest, and defends.
A dad can be one of your very best friends
he's proud of your triumphs
but when things go wrong
A dad can be patient, helpful, and strong in all that you do
A dad's love plays a part
there's always a place for him deep in your heart
and each year that passes
you're even more glad
more grateful and proud 
just to call him your dad
Thank you, dad
for listening and caring
for giving and sharing
but especially for just being you

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